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engagement biscuits

The perfect edible gift for any occasion. These decorated shortbread biscuits can be designed to any theme, hobby, colours and more. However, it you like the element of surprise, request a freestyle design to receive something truly unique. 


NYC Cookies

Malteaser cookies

Thick, chunky NYC Cookies packed with chocolate chips. These cookies weigh in at a whopping 120g each and taste amazing heated up. Choose from a selection of flavours such as Malteaser, Kinder, Triple Chocolate, Biscoff and more.

birthday cakes


Barbie Lambeth cake

Celebrate your special occasion with a luxury, bespoke cake. Available in a variety of flavours and sizes to cater for small and large events. Whether it's something simple and chic or colourful and themed, communicate your vision and we can bring that to life. 

Beautiful Bakes

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